Financial Services Ombudsman


3 Step Online affiliation

Simply complete and submit the ONLINE FORM :

  • No contracts to sign – FINSOM’s regulations apply.
  • It is possible to affiliate as of the current calendar year or the following year.
  • Confirmation of affiliation is sent by email within minutes and an invoice within a few days.

!! Contrary to the register of advisers, the affiliation of client advisers is made in the name of the company.

Registration is based on the principle of trust. However, data accuracy can be verified by FINSOM or the competent supervisory authority.

A few days after the receipt of the ONLINE FORM, FINSOM will usually issue an invoice to collect the first annual base tax for the ongoing civil year. Early affiliations will receive their first invoice in December.

Thereafter, the annual base tax will be invoiced each year in October for the following calendar year.

Invoices are sent by email to the contact persons indicated in the online form.

Affiliation is activated upon payment of the invoiced annual base tax and, if applicable :

Confirmation, Communication, Assistance

FINSOM issues a confirmation of affiliation by email upon submission of the ONLINE FORM and upon request.

FINSOM does not publish a list of affiliated companies as :

  • They are required, by law, to inform their clients or employees themselves of their complaints procedures, including the possibility to mediate. The publication of a list by a mediation body does not contribute to compliance with the information duties of the affiliated company.
  • This could create confusion with the lists published by the FINMA or Registries of Advisors, thus contributing to the lack of transparency of the Swiss financial sector’s supervisory and dispute resolution system.

Instead, FINSOM informs the competent supervisory authority or registration body of affiliations, refusals or exclusions in accordance with Art. 83 FinSA. FINSOM also responds to enquiries from the latter in accordance with Art. 88 of the FinSA.

A checklist, a complaint clause and an information sheet on FinSA Mediation are also available free of charge, to assist affiliated companies in communicating their new client complaints procedure to their clients and employees. Please contact us for further assistance.