Financial Services Ombudsman


Quick and easy affiliation procedure

Simply complete and submit the affiliation formConfirmation of affiliation is sent by email within minutes and an invoice within a few days.

It is also possible to save the form as a pdf and send it to us by email. A confirmation will be sent to you within 48 hours.

FINSOM issues additional confirmations of affiliation upon request.

Registration is based on the principle of trust. However, data accuracy can be verified by FINSOM, the competent supervisory authority or register.

FINSOM collects a base tax per calendar year (01.01-31.12).

There is no “pro-rata” invoicing but FINSOM offers the possibility of affiliated immediately or in advance for the following year.

FINSOM may invoice the annual base tax in advance after the resignation deadline of 30 September to 31 December.

Invoices are payable within 30 days, unless otherwise agreed upon at the request of the affiliated company. 

Invoices are sent by email to the contact persons indicated in the affiliation form.

Affiliation is activated upon payment of the first annual base tax and :

The affiliation is for an indefinite period. 

It is possible to resign each year until September 30 for December 31. 
FINSOM sends a reminder of the resignation deadline by email on September 1st.