Swiss Financial Services Ombudsman

Financial Services Ombudsman (FINSOM) is a specialised mediation body that administers a mediation scheme in business or commercial relations and work relations in the financial services sector. FINSOM is recognised by the Federal Department of Finance (FDF) under the Financial Services Act (FinSA). 

FINSOM is the first and only Ombudsman Office in the Swiss financial sector that acts in the public interest while being independent from government as well as sector or branch organisations, chambers of commerce, financial service providers and mediator, consumer and employee associations or organisations. FINSOM’s independence is unique in the Swiss financial center and essential to guarantee its impartiality.

Companies affiliated to FINSOM offer their clients and/or employees the assurance of having access to a competent and impartial person of trust in the event of a conflict or dispute, as an alternative to legal proceedings. FINSOM’s mediation procedure is available in English, French, German and Italian as well as free of charge for clients and employees.

Over 900 Swiss and foreign financial service providers have already affiliated to FINSOM, including client advisers, portfolio managers, trustees, managers of collective assets, securities firms and banks. They are currently informing their clients and employees of their affiliation.