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Financial Services Ombudsman

Ombudsman Office

Public interest

Tax exempt, FINSOM is committed to ensuring an efficient and effective mediation system, as independent as the judicial system, that provides added value to businesses, their customers and employees, in the common interest of an efficient and sustainable free economy.

Among other things, FINSOM aims to contribute to :

  • Enterprise risk management.
  • The discharge of the judicial system.
  • Combating unfair business practices.
  • Efficient and effective financial market supervision.
  • The reduction of healthcare costs.
  • The good reputation of the Swiss financial center.


Excluded activities

  • Any activity with the main goal of making a profit.
  • Advising, representing or defending affiliated companies, clients or employees.
  • Distribution of third party products or services.


  • Tax authority of the Canton of Valais
  • Federal Department of Finance (FDF)