Financial Services Ombudsman

FINSOM Affiliation


  • A FinSA ombudsman office recognised by the Federal Department of Finance (FDF) in 2020.
  • A member of the International Network of Financial Services Ombudsman Schemes (INFO-Network).
  • The first ombudsman office of the Swiss financial sector to act in the public interest.
  • A unique independence in the Swiss financial sector with transparent governance and financing.
  • One ombudsman office for commercial and/or work related disputes – as desired.
  • Mediation is possible with parties in Switzerland and abroad, in 4 languages, with specialised mediators in Zurich, Geneva, Ticino and Valais.
  • The procedure at FINSOM is free of charge for the client or employee but FINSOM does not admit obviously vexatious requests, by law.
  • A checklist, a complaint clause and an information sheet on FinSA Mediation are available free of charge, to assist with the compliant integration of the mediation body.

Affiliation Conditions

Swiss and foreign financial service providers (incl. client advisers) and financial institutions can affiliate to FINSOM for an unlimited period.

The affiliation is always in the name of the Swiss or foreign financial services provider and covers the branches of the affiliated company, whereas a subsidiary is affiliated in its own name. A parent company can affiliate several subsidiaries as a financial group.

Affiliation to FINSOM can be :

Affiliate companies must comply with FINSOM regulations.

The deadline for resignation is September 30 for December 31.

Affiliation and Procedural Fees

According to articles 75 para. 1 and 80 FinSA as well as the provisions on occupational health protection, affiliated companies finance the mediation body according to the principle of causality.

Further information 

Affiliation Procedure

FINSOM’s affiliation procedure is quick and simple. It is possible to affiliate one or more companies at the same time via an online form.