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Affiliation Form

The following information completes FINSOM’s affiliation conditions.

Affiliation and Confirmation : 

  • The affiliation is in the name of a company, sole proprietorships included. 
  • For client advisers subject to a FinSA Register of Advisers, the affiliation is in the name of the company (art. 30 let. b FinSA) and includes its client advisers.
  • It only takes a few minutes to submit the form below. A confirmation of affiliation is sent by email within minutes upon submission. 
  • It is also possible to save the form as a pdf and send it to A confirmation will be sent to you within 48 hours.
  • FINSOM directly informs FINMA or the FinSA Register of Advisers of its affiliations according to Art. 83 FinSA.
  • The affiliated company may request a confirmation of affiliation at any time. 
  • FINSOM’s regulations apply. There are no contracts to sign. 

Available options : 

  • 2 types of mediation available : Commercial Mediation/FinSA and Workplace Mediation/EmpA.
  • Choice of 4 languages.
  • Affiliation for the current year (immediate affiliation) or next year (anticipated affiliation). See explanations in section 2 below and art. 77 FinSA regarding the timing of the obligation to affiliate.

Invoicing : 

  • In the case of immediate affiliation, FINSOM will invoice the first base tax for the current year a few days after receipt of the affiliation form. In the case of anticipated affiliation, FINSOM will confirm the affiliation but will not invoice the base tax for the current year.
  • Each year, FINSOM will send a reminder by e-mail of the resignation deadline of 30 September for 31 December. After the resignation deadline, FINSOM can invoice the annual base tax in advance for the following year.
  • Invoices are sent by e-mail to the person/s indicated in the form below. 
  • For new entrants, in the event of refusal of FINMA authorisation or registration in a FinSA Register of Advisors, FINSOM will refund the annual base tax on request as of 1st January 2024.

Free E-learning

  • After payment of the first annual base tax, FINSOM will send an access code for the E-learning “The FinSA Ombudsman Office and Risk Management”, available free of charge to affiliated companies.

Please contact us if you need assistance : or +41 27 552 04 24

    1. Affiliated Company

    Name or company name

    Enterprise Identification Number (UID), if available

    Legal form


    Postal Code




    Authorisation category in Switzerland

    Size of the company (employees)

    Clients in Switzerland

    Clients abroad served from Switzerland

    Responsible for the relationship with FINSOM

    Corporate function or department






    2. Affiliation

    The annual base tax for Commercial Mediation/FinSA is CHF 250 per year. You can add Workplace Mediation/EmpA for an additional CHF 50. It is possible to affiliate as of the current calendar year (immediate) or the following year (anticipated). Please indicate the desired type(s) of mediation and language(s) as well as the affiliation year.

    Commercial Mediation/FinSA?


    Workplace Mediation/EmpA?


    Immediate or anticipated affiliation?

    If the company has already initiated its activities and does not have an Ombudsman Office, please select “immediate affiliation”. If the company is not launching its activities until next year or if it is changing its Ombudsman Office, it can affiliate this year for an activation the following year and can select the “anticipated affiliation” option.

    3. Invoicing

    The invoices will be sent by email to the corporate function or department responsible for the relationship with FINSOM (see above). To send invoices to other recipients as well, it is possible to add two email addresses :

    Group invoice?

    If the company belongs to a group affiliated to FINSOM, if applicable, please indicate the name of the organisation that collects the annual base tax for the group and remits it to FINSOM under art. 99 FinSO.

    Group invoice for the annual base tax?

    Name of the organisation collecting the annual base tax




    4. Declaration

    The company accepts FINSOM's regulations and affiliates to FINSOM.

    The company accepts that FINSOM communicates its affiliation according to Art. 83 FinSA.

    5. Message

    6. Confirmation of affiliation

    Upon submission of this form, a confirmation of affiliation with a copy of the registered data will be sent automatically by e-mail to the electronic addresses entered above. You can add another recipient to the confirmation below :

    Please check the email addresses entered in this form one last time before sending it.

    or print and email to

    After clicking “send”, the form will go blank and you should receive an email confirmation within a few minutes. If you don’t, please check your spam before contacting or +41 27 552 04 24 for assistance.