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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

In addition to mediation (Art. 75 FinSA), a mediation body recognised by the FDF publishes an annual activity report (Art. 86 FinSA), decides on the admission or exclusion of a company (art. 82 FinSA), informs and exchanges information within the framework of market supervision (Art. 83 and 88 FinSA).

Also see the World Bank report and the EU Guidelines on complaints-handling.

Financial service providers within the meaning of the Financial Services Act (FinSA) who offer financial services or instruments in or from Switzerland to private clients within the meaning of art. 4 FinSA (including opt-out private clients within the meaning of art. 5 of the FinSA) must affiliate to Commercial Mediation/FinSA prior to initiating their activities in Switzerland. 

Commercial Mediation is also part of the governance, risk management and internal control requirements of the Financial Institutions Act (FinIA).

Workplace Mediation falls within the framework of conflict management at the workplace and the protection of occupational health. By affiliating to Workplace Mediation, the affiliated employer provides a person of trust and an alternative to conciliation, judicial, arbitration or administrative proceedings.

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FINSOM is competent to handle mediation requests from clients or employees of companies affiliated to Commercial Mediation and/or Workplace Mediation.

According to FINSOM’s regulations, affiliated companies are required to inform their clients and/or employees of their affiliation:

  • At the beginning of a business or working relationship
  • In the event of a complaint
  • At any time at their request

FINSOM does not publish a list of affiliated service providers. However, if the above information is not provided by the financial services provider, please contact us.