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Workplace Mediation

Workplace Mediation


Workplace Mediation concerns working relations between employees, employees and superiors, employees and employers, or associated partners (hereinafter “employees”). It can be an alternative to a conciliation, judicial, arbitration or administrative procedure.

In case of an employee’s dissatisfaction with the working conditions, the Hotline is an external, independent, and impartial person of trust. The employee can contact the Hotline in complete confidentiality, without prior information or request for permission from a superior or the employer. 

In case of work-related conflict, Workplace Mediation encourages the parties to try to find solutions themselves before the situation degenerates to the point of sick leave, termination of the employment relationship or referral to a conciliation authority, a court, an arbitration tribunal, or an administrative authority. FINSOM can also be designated for a mediation procedure after referral to a conciliation authority, a court, a court of arbitration or an administrative authority.

The subject of the dissatisfaction may relate not only to claims, but also to any type of legitimate right, such as the right to obtain documents, to data protection or to the protection of personality and health. This includes cases of unfair dismissal, harassment, sexual harassment, and discrimination, among others.

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