FINSOM Activity Report 2021

Financial Services Ombudsman (FINSOM) is a specialised mediation institution for conflict management and dispute resolution in commercial and work relations in the Swiss financial sector. 

Recognised by the Federal Department of Finance (FDF) under the Financial Services Act (FinSA) in effect since 1st January 2020, FINSOM is also a member of INFO-Network and an affiliate member of FIN-NET. Tax-exempt since 2018, FINSOM is the first public service mediation body in the Swiss financial sector. Its governance assures the mediation scheme’s independence from individuals, private interest groups and the public administration.

FINSOM publishes its 2021 activity report on Commercial Mediation/FinSA, in accordance with articles 86 FinSA and 7 para. 2 Directive 2013/11/EU and appoints Mr. Alessandro Bizzozero to its General Assembly.