Mediators and Experts

“The ombudsman should be (and also be seen to be) as independent and impartial as a judge – as well as having the necessary legal and technical expertise to resolve financial disputes authoritatively. This needs to be reflected in the appointment and governance arrangements” – World Bank, 2012


Mediators support the Ombudsman by conducting mediation procedures and carrying out material and legal assessments. They also act as alternates for the Ombudsman. They may also act as an Expert in a mediation conducted by another Mediator. All Mediators are therefore also Experts.

Experts support Mediators in their material and legal assessments but cannot conduct proceedings.

Independence and technical skills

Like the Ombudsman, Mediators and Experts may not deal with procedures that concern them or a natural or legal person close to them. They must have technical skills appropriate to the subject matter of the procedure in which they intervene and the necessary personal skills for their function.

In its appointment and accreditation of mediators, FINSOM emphasises proven, sector-specific technical skills in complaints management and dispute resolution or the management of work-related conflicts.

Designation and supervision

The General Assembly appoints the Ombudsman who designates additional Mediators and Experts as required to assure the technical skills of the mediation body and the availability of the mediation procedure.

If, for good reason, one of the parties to mediation does not wish a particular Mediator or Expert to be involved in the procedure, they may inform the Ombudsman.