Affiliation and procedural fees

Annual base tax

Each affiliated legal entity pays a base tax per calendar year, regardless of the number of mediation proceedings :

  • Per affiliated company, CHF 250 per mediation type (Commercial/FinSA or Workplace/LL) or CHF 500 for both.
  • Limit of CHF 50’000 for financial groups (per mediation type).
  • A 10% discount is granted to a group if the group organises the collection of the annual base tax and transfers it to FINSOM in accordance with Art. 99 FinSO.

Procedural fees

If a complaint meets the requirements of Art. 75 para. 4 FinSA, the fees for Commercial or Workplace Mediation payable by the affiliated company concerned are :

  • Case fee : CHF 50 per case
  • Mediation fee : CHF 500 per case or CHF 200 per hour depending on the complexity of the case

Reminder: By law, a mediation procedure doomed to failure must be refused or interrupted. FINSOM’s procedure is free of charge for the client or employee but FINSOM does not admit obviously vexatious requests to mediation according to art. 75 LSFin.

Other administrative fees

  • Reminder fee :  CHF 50